Happy Birthday
Dear Nikki,
Wishing you an early Happy Birthday, in case I'm not around on your day. Have a great day, thinking of you.

Bad News for Me
I was notified on Friday by several of my Tweeter friends that my account has been hacked. I had to change my password, I haven't been on Tweeter for quite a while, when I do go on, I just see what is going on. Thinking seriously about leaving Tweeter altogether.

Remembering 2011
First let me wish all of you a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.
2011 was ordinary, no special happenings. As with the past years, I was on the road a lot, from Oct. thru Dec. total miles driven was 61,460. I think I drove over 100,000 for the year. Tried to do more writing but I just couldn't get in the groove. In 2012, I will get in the groove and finish what I started. I would like to thank Nikki, Rebecca, BJ, Sandy, Beth, and the 100 or so friends on Tweeter for being my friends. Maybe I can spend more time on Tweeter and I will try to understand when I don't get Tweeted soon after I post, I realize that you all are having conversations and it is easy to get overlooked and not be seen.
Again I wish all of you a Very Happy New Year.

(no subject)
I had to drive 125 miles, but I am at the Petro Truckstop in North Baltimore, Ohio. This is considered to be the best Christmas Buffet on the Interstate, can't wait for tomorrow.

Now, while I was in my slight depressive holiday state, I was cleaning out my my truck when I was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past. I was mentally taken back to 1989 when I played Santa Claus for the children of the First Christian Church in Hampton, Virginia.
Actually I was voluntered and back then I didn't need any padding. If it were not for the costume, my total embarrassment would come out. The room was filled with children and their parents. As I entered the room, I made my rounds to each table. I was stopped by a small child in a wheelchair, the young boy was a quadraplegic, I knelt down, put my my hand on his deformed hand. I had tears in my eyes, I spent about 10 minutes talking with him. The only response he had was the movement of his head, I could tell he was smiling this was confirmed by his mother. That moment meant a great deal to me, I wish I could find the photo that was taken. I just can't remember his name. Thank you Ghost of Christmas Past for bringing me out of my depressive state.

Writer's Block: Santa Claus is coming to town
At what age did you stop believing in Santa?
Never Stopped.

Christmas Time for Me
Hello Journal, my ole friend,I'm back again. I should be accustomed to this by now, but every year at this time I feel sad because of not having anyone to share Christmas with. The way I spend Christmas Day is hoping that I am on the road. A few truckstops have a good Christmas Buffet that us drivers can indulge in when we are away from home. You may or may not be shocked that there is actually a lot of drivers on the road during this time.
I have let my writing slip by the wayside, haven't done much lately, need to get back in the habit again.
Anyway, enough of feeling sorry for myself, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, enjoy your time with family and friends while you still can. Thinking of you.

Catching up
Hello Dear Friends,
It's been a while since I was here last. Just spent four days in hospital, I felt like a lab rat, probed, prodded, stuck. Had seven different test, results were negative. My cancer has not spread in two years. Had a few tubes and lines hooked to me, had to stay in bed for all four days, could not get up and walk around, my legs were tight and sore from lack of exercise, they are finally getting back to normal, in fact I'm back on the road. I'm having to take two strong and very expensive drugs. The generics were $163.00.  Surgery has been scheduled for Jan. 29, 2012 in Dearborn, Mi. You have now been caught up on me. Take care my friends and have a nice, safe holidays.

Remembering 9-11-01
Ten years ago tomorrow, I was making a delivery in downtown Chicago. I had no clue of the events transpiring in Manhattan, Washington,DC and in Pennsylvania. But soon it became apparent something was up when downtown Chicago was being shut down and evacuated, I have never seen so many police officers. Only after I left the city, did I hear what had happened. I remember being angry, hurt, sad. Ten years later I find myself in downtown Chicago again. The anger, hurt and sadness surfaced once again.
In reverent remembrance I think of all the innocent victims, the firefighters, EMTs, first responders and the port authority officers who unselfish dedication to the lives of total strangers, risk their own lives to save others. To the families who lost fathers, husbands, wives, sons and daughters.
I am so proud to have been associated with the firefighters and EMTs of America.

                                                          ** WHEN OTHERS RUSH OUT, THEY RUSH IN**

Writer's Block: Killer Queen
What's your favorite Queen song, and why?

Writer's Block: Study break
What are you studying or did you study in school? Is it related to what you want to do for your career?

Studied Emergency Medicine Technician in Tech school, paramedic in college, certified and worked in field 25 years till retired.


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