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I had to drive 125 miles, but I am at the Petro Truckstop in North Baltimore, Ohio. This is considered to be the best Christmas Buffet on the Interstate, can't wait for tomorrow.

Now, while I was in my slight depressive holiday state, I was cleaning out my my truck when I was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past. I was mentally taken back to 1989 when I played Santa Claus for the children of the First Christian Church in Hampton, Virginia.
Actually I was voluntered and back then I didn't need any padding. If it were not for the costume, my total embarrassment would come out. The room was filled with children and their parents. As I entered the room, I made my rounds to each table. I was stopped by a small child in a wheelchair, the young boy was a quadraplegic, I knelt down, put my my hand on his deformed hand. I had tears in my eyes, I spent about 10 minutes talking with him. The only response he had was the movement of his head, I could tell he was smiling this was confirmed by his mother. That moment meant a great deal to me, I wish I could find the photo that was taken. I just can't remember his name. Thank you Ghost of Christmas Past for bringing me out of my depressive state.

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*hugs* sorry you were alone for christmas king! if you had have been down under I totally would have told you to drive your truck to my house!

I was however tormenting you in spirit! ;D

Thanks for the hugs, more like a hug from a Boa Constrictor. I'm used to being alone on holidays, been at it a long time. For the tormenting, I won't even tell mama on you. I hope you had a good Christmas. Talk at ya later.

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