I have not 100% decided yet, but thinking seriously about deactivating my twitter account, not very happy with some things on it, if it had not been for Nikki and a select few of others, I would have been gone months ago. It was fun at the start, but it seem to have sizzled a bit.

In Search of..... Part 8, Chapter 22
                                                                               Chapter 22

  Bright and early I assembled the six men, told them to take a look on the mountain and report anything suspicious.
 They left a few minutes later, fully equipped. I went over to tell Gibbs that I need to call my Director and give him an update. Gibbs had his team assembled and was discussing how to proceed. He said he needed to call his
Director as well. As it so happens, Director Vance and Admiral Howard were having their own meeting when we
called. We both gave our reports on our findings. Neither one sounded overjoyed with them.
 Gibbs asked Director Vance to have Petty Officer Harbin brought back here for interrogation, he said that he thinks
Harbin knows more than he is telling. Vance agreed and would take care of it. The Admiral asked me what I
wanted to do. I told him that I wanted to stay and help, this may prove to be enlightening. He agreed also.
 Unknown to any of us at the camp, the six men that I sent to explore the top of the mountain, halfway up, the team
was attacked by four men from behind. Shots were fired around and over their heads, not hitting any of them. Soon
it became obvious that they were being herded along a path up the mountain. The team returned fire while running.
 The six men were close together when one of the front men stepped on a mine. He was killed instantly, the others
were seriously injured by shrapnel. As they lay in extreme pain and agony, the four attackers walked up to the
wounded. Methodically, each one was shot in the back of the head, execution style. the four continued on their
journey down the mountain, as if nothing had happened.

In Search of..... Part 8, Chapter 21
                                                                                    Chapter 21

  I woke up out of a deep, restful sleep by my phone. Looked at the caller ID.

  I said:" Hello Kathy."
  Kathy:" Morning, how are you and my ole man doing?"
  I said:" Doing just hunky-dorey."
  Kathy:" Good, since it is the weekend, the Admiral called the Secretary of the Interior, the park is closed until further
               notice, by the way your helicopter is landing in the parking lot."
  I said:" Thanks, I hear it, gotta go."

  Gibbs and I handed over our evidence to the flight crew, the helo lifted off twenty later. After an hour or so, Gibbs and I
 met and decided to combine our teams. Gibbs admitted he didn't know what to make of the kidnapping. I asked him
 what we could do to help. He said nothing till the results come back.

  I said:" What you say that we let our group rest for today and let's you and I take a walk."
 Gibbs:" That's fine, where we going?"
  I said:" To the cave, I want to show you something and get your input."

  Gibbs told his team and I told mine, but I told Gino to be ready and keep an eye on the lady doctors. Gibbs and I
 started out for the cave, we didn't say a word as we entered.

  I said:" Before we left I had one of the men lag behind and clear all the footprints from the first carvings to the
  Gibbs:" Then somebody has been here after we left."
  I said:" It seems that way, notice the prints are too small for a man, I would venture to say they are size five,
             right size for a woman or women."
  Gibbs:" There looks like two sets of prints here."
  I said:" Yes it does, let me show you something else."

  We walked over over to the carvings. I handed Gibbs a magnifying glass and told him to look at the edges. He did.
  Gibbs:" These edges are smooth, whatever was used, it was very sharp and metallic."
  I said:" You are correct sir, no ancient civilization made these unless they used diamond cutting blades. These
              are all fake, even the drawings."

  I continued:" This whole thing has been a ruse, right down to our women doctors. I don't know who, what, or
                       whatever it is, it can't be good."

  Gibbs and I looked around another hour and headed back to camp. As we approached, there was Gino sitting
 on the steps of the RV. By the expression on his sad face, looked like his puppy ran away.

  I said:" Hey Dude, what's up?"
 Gino:" We have a problem."
  I said:" What is the problem? my little buddy."
 Gino:" The doctor or in our case, the doctors, I'll explain, our two doctors have vanished, lock, stock and barrel,
            cabin is empty, car is gone."
  I said:" Interesting, Agent Gibbs and I found another problem in the cave."

  I told him about our discovery in the cave, the markings and drawings are all phoney. Gino said that was interesting.
 Gino's phone rang, it was Kathy.

 Gino:" Hello my dear."
 Kathy:" Hello children, as per your request,I dug deeper into the lives of Dr. Beth Barton and Dr. B.J. Harrington."
 Gino:" And what did you find out Miss Sherlock?"
 Kathy:" The two of them were killed in an auto accident last year, I ran facial recognition on your two, they are
              not on any database."
 Gino:" They sure do look good for being dead a year, Thanks babe, stay on it."
 Kathy" Will do,take care."

  Gino briefed Gibbs and me on the new developments.

  I said:" Our exploration part is over since none of this is real, however, I think we will hang around for a while."

 Gino:" Sounds good to me."

  I told Gibbs that our operations center is at his disposal, anything he needs just ask, he accepted the offer.

  I said:" I think tomorrow I will send six of our guys on a little exploration to the top of the mountain."


In Search of Spoiler
Just to let my readers know, in the upcoming chapters, someone may die, will it be Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Ziva David, Gino Thomas, Robert Bailey, Dr. Beth Barton, Dr. B.J. Harrington or me.
The plot thickens. I don't even know, so don't try to beat it out of me. I can't be bought either.

In Search of, Part Seven
                                                                                                             Chapter Eighteen

  Gibbs team had traveled about five hundred feet when they entered a wide cavern of their own. This one had a six foot
 wide stream down the middle. On either side was flat with four tier ledges on each side. There was a man-made
 bridge crossing the stream.The team split up, each searching a side.

 McGee:" Hey Boss, somebody has been here."
 Gibbs:"  What you got McGee?"

  He crossed over to where McGee and DiNozzo was. They were standing at a campfire, with several logs around it.

 McGee:" The ashes are cold."
 DiNozzo:" Boss, found a few leather straps over here."
 Gibbs:" Bag em'."

  They noticed smudged footprints around the area.

  DiNozzo:" Found a good print, Boss."
   Gibbs walked over, bent down to take a better look.

  Gibbs:" This is not a print of a Mayan, get a mold, we'll send everything we find to Abby."

   Photos were taken, Gibbs stood motionless, staring straight ahead for a few moments, then turned, he did this
  another two times.

  McGee:" Boss, something wrong?"
  Gibbs:" My gut is churning, Tim."
  DiNozzo:" Something you ate, Boss?"

   Gibbs turned toward Tony, gave him a Gibbs look.

  Tony:" Sorry, Boss."

   Gibbs instructed the six extra men to keep searching for anything that looked out of place. He called for a
  campfire. they all sat around the used campfire.

  Gibbs:" What do we know for sure?"
  Tim:" The three hostages walked out of the cave."
  Tony:" That's all we do know, Boss."
  Gibbs:" Any suggestions?"
  Ziva:" I think we should follow the stream."
  Gibbs:" Which direction?"
  Ziva:" Determine the direction of the current, follow the opposite direction."
  Tony:" Well, Miss Smarty, it doesn't look like its moving."
  Ziva:" There is always a current."

   She got up, went to the edge of the stream, dropped in a wadded piece of paper.

  Ziva:" We go that way." Pointing to the left.

   The current was flowing left to right.

                                                                     Chapter Nineteen

Meanwhile, back in another part of the cave, after all us regained our composure.

  I said:" Are we all seeing the same thing?"
 Gino:" this is one serious case of mass illusion."

   All ten of us was staring at a ninety foot, three masted wooden Viking ship. It was in perfect condition. Once we
  regained use of our legs, we moved slowly toward the ship. Cameras came out, photos were taken, from every
  angle possible.
   I just happened to look at my watch, it was getting late. I told everybody to wrap it up, that we would start again
  tomorrow. I called Gibbs and informed him that we were heading back to camp. He concurred.
   About two hours later, our teams met at the entrance. Gibbs and I shared our findings. He asked if I could
  arrange transportation to send some evidence back to NCIS. I said it would it would be here in the AM. Reaching
  the camp, we were all exhausted and went our separate ways. Gino and I were soon out like a light, no food,
  no nightcaps.

                                                                           Chapter Twenty

Later that night, a black H3 Huey helicopter in whisper mode hovered over the top of the mountain. Four men
  dressed in night gear, heavily armed with automatic assault weapons repelled down to the ground. The helo
  silently vanished into the night. The four men, wearing night vision goggles made their way down the side on
  the opposite end of the cave entrance.
   As they made their way down, six Bouncing Betty Personnel Mines were buried twenty yards apart in the
  middle of the narrow path. The four men will not be returning this way. Another thousand feet down, six more
  personnel mines were buried, these were placed on the left and right side of the path. These mines were
  designed to inflict maximum damage to a body. When someone on the needles which are barely visible
  above the ground. the needles are depressed, when the foot is lifted off, the mine shoots up level to the
  head and explodes. killing or seriously injuring anyone within a few feet of the explosion.


Writer's Block: From beyond
If you died and became a ghost and could only haunt one place, which place would you choose, and why?

I would haunt wherever my ex is and make her life a living hell as she did to me. The I would haunt my friends, in a good way.

I seem to be at an empasse, trying to decide what type of trouble I can get Gibbs Team into.

The End of Time
This is so sad, the world is ending on Saturday, I have stuff to do,like work on my story and least important, do laundry. i want to wear something clean on that day, especially clean underwear in case I'm in an accident. Why not end the world on a week day, say Monday. Don't mess up everybodies weekend plans.

Just Thinking
Just thinking, made a word count, so far it is 6,363 words, only 43,637 more to go. Not sure, maybe after this I should stick with the short stories. With the short stuff, I know how it will end before I start writing. This one, I have no idea what is next or the ending. My poor brain is overworked.

(no subject)
As I sit here in the quietness of my hotel room, I realized that Memorial Day one year ago I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. And as I do with everything else, I took the news in stride, like no big deal, that's a part of life. To this day, I have had no serious problems with it. Still able to do my job effectively. Thanks again for all the support from my friends on line, other than my boss, no one else knows.


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